The Airgonaut seeks innovative work in all forms, styles, and voices. Below are more specifics that may improve your chances of publication.


I have the long-held belief that every creative person has his or her own unique way of seeing the world. That said, what I’m expecting is work from you that only you could have created. Time to shed those influences and speak clearly in your own unique way.


Too many writers, artists, songwriters, film makers, and so on are working safe these days. Art has never moved forward an inch by artists playing it safe. If you’re fairly sure you want your work to fit a certain mold, send it elsewhere. I’m looking for courageous, creative thinkers more concerned with saying something bold.


Over time too many creative people create work simply because they can, they have that talent. What is lost by doing this is the sense of fun and discovery they likely had at the beginning of their careers. The potential of the open mind should not be a place artists go to do nothing more than what they are able. It should be a place where, like children, they see endless possibilities. Have fun creating it, and we’ll have fun sharing it with the world.




Send one (1) previously unpublished story of no more than 1,000 words as an rtf., doc., or docx. attachment.


Send three to five (3-5) poems totaling no more than five (5) pages.

Visual Art – a

Photography – a

Film – a

Music – a

Send submissions of all types to theairgonautship at gmail dot com. Include with your submission a short, third-person bio.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let me know immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. Also, please wait one month after hearing back from me before submitting again.

Currently I cannot pay contributors. However, I will champion your work as if it were my own, for what that’s worth, nominating for awards and sharing the good works in all ways possible.

If any of the general guidelines above are not followed in the received submission, that submission will not be considered or responded to at all. Those are the breaks.