by Andrew Davie


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American Film Institute

Entry: SB317.5-319.864


Editor’s note: It was widely rumored, during filming, Mr. Bergman had come up with his next idea; a film combining elements of The Seventh Seal and Virgin Spring, not as a direct sequel to either, but of the same world. He’d met with William Faulkner to write the script and had begun good faith negotiations with his producer.


Entry June 23rd, 1959


Editor’s note: During filming of Jungfrukällan a.k.a The Virgin Spring


Working title: The Gum Embargo? Neighbor (pretty, maybe Sophia Loren?) Moves next door to high school virgin, (Von Sydow? Too old to play high school, plus don’t want to be the next Kurasawa/Mifune.) Jerry Lewis? Best friend is on wrestling team (Steve McQueen?) And has older brother, mechanic, into welding, metal, (Robert Mitchum?) Parents gone for weekend, wrestler McQueen cutting weight, needs to chew gum — possible running theme? Virgin Lewis makes play for neighbor Loren, help of wrestler McQueen, when Four Horsemen of Apocalypse show up. McQueen helps Lewis/Loren find sanctuary. Lewis realizes the only one to help is Mitchum (knowledge of metal). Mitchum reveals they must play Iron Maiden’s “Revelations” backward. Third act showdown, each square off: McQueen faces Pestilence says, “Always wanted to see how good you really were.” (Music plays during scene: when McQueen on screen, “Mechanix” by Megadeth, when Pestilence — possible Charles Bronson– on screen, Metallica’s “Four Horsemen.” (Same song, different lyrics, find out about licensing?) Mitchum and McQueen killed, Lewis able to play Iron Maiden, vanquish Four Horsemen. Get’s laid, finds out Loren is daughter of The Devil. Pitch as Porky’s meets No Exit.


Editor’s note: Subsequently abandoned after the release of Rudy Ray Moore’s “Petey Wheatstraw, The Devil’s Son-In-Law.”




Andrew Davie received an MFA in creative writing from Adelphi University. He taught English in Macau on a Fulbright Grant. Currently, he teaches in Virginia. His work can be read in Bartleby Snopes, Necessary Fiction, and The South Dakota Review, and FLAPPERHOUSE among others. His website: