Kaitlynn McShea


I stared at him with my mouth agape.  The wrinkled man nodded twice in a resounding sort of way, like his brain was much too heavy with the truth that he had just unloaded.  Gold?  In the jungle?  So it was true.  The Golden City.  Instead of feeling excited about this information, I felt constrained.  The soft wet heat was like a tomb around us.

I had a feeling the hourglass of my life was running low on sand.




Kaitlynn McShea is a teacher and writer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. When she isn’t teaching her fourth-graders or her Pilates clients, you can find her sipping on a green tea latte in Starbucks or in the corner of a library. She specializes in all things fantasy, including middle-grade, young adult, short stories, and flash fiction.